Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Notes From Parables of Jesus Sermon @southpointcc

The Unjust Steward - Southpoint Community Church

Luke 19:11 -27 - The Parabel of the Minas.
Different but similar parable to parable of the talents. Both talent and mina were weight measurements. Talent - about 8-10 years wages; mina - about 4 months wages. Parable of the talents is about God's generosity; parable of the minas is about our faithfulness.
We serve an extravagantly good God. God gives me things I don't deserve. Never take for granted what God has blessed us with. If I'm not grateful, I won't invest my life properly.
We are expected to make more of what we've been given. Simply holding on is not an option. Jesus does not present the Gospel without a commission. With the message of salvation comes a commission. I don't need salvation, I need a Savior.
We live in the time of the now and the not-yet (the Kingdom is here, but not yet fully. 1 Peter 1:6-8). Absence is an important part of both parables. John 20:29.
God is not a severe or hard man.
How am I investing my testimony?
What am I doing to grow my faith?
What am I doing with His children?
Am using my money to leave a legacy?
What am I doing to strengthen my marriage?
Am I ministering to God's saints?
God has given me great gifts. Don't give Him back what He gave me. Give Him back more.


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